Secure Switching


DDos Protection




Secure Switching


Delivering industry’s best threat protection and performance with reduced complexity. No matter your business size, there is a firewall for you. There are Entry level, Mid-sized and High End appliances available. Available in Appliance, Virtual




Proactive advanced threat detection.

Advanced Threat Protection features sandboxing for actionable intelligence that automates prevention, detection, and mitigation of unknown threats across a broad set of attack vectors.

Available in Appliance, Virtual and Cloud.


Critical protection against advanced and emerging threats

Broad integration with Fortinet and third-party security solutions to help protect an organization’s dynamic attack surface

Automated sharing of threat intelligence in real-time to disrupt attacks early in the cycle without human intervention

Flexible form factors help support industry requirements

Protection where your networks are most vulnerable — The Edge

Wi-Fi is not just about selecting an Access Point or Management service, it’s also about balancing the need for security with the flexibility of allowing any device onto the network. Fortinet’s Secure Access Solution delivers the same award-winning security, validated by independent certification to every type of Wi-Fi deployment, from a stand-alone AP in an isolated office, to a handful of APs in a retail store, to thousands of APs deployed across a large campus or even a distributed enterprise.

FortiClient: Next Generation Endpoint Security.

Advanced threat protection extends to endpoints with automated submission and risk-rating results—shared in real time between FortiClient and FortiSandbox to prevent, detect, and mitigate unknown threats.

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