Planning to implement new technology or upgrade old ones? Is your team up to it? Will this project not take your team away from what really matters to the daily running of your organization? Let us handle your projects. We usually bring a fresh approach to project, exposing features that may have been overlooked and ensuring maximum return on your IT investments. Call us today.

Enterprise Equipment Supply

We leverage our relationships with industry leading OEMs to bring you genuine equipment, and licensing, supplied within channel rules that guarantees you manufacturer support and warranties.

Do you have a storage, firewall, switching, routing, virtualization or any other enterprise procurement requirement? Call us now.

MSP Services

We provide managed services that allow you rest assured that your systems will continue running and by extension your business. We monitor your systems to ensure that software always have the latest patches, hardware have the latest firmware and licenses and subscription are renewed in time. We also make sure we catch system failures before they become disruptive. Get in touch with us now.


Do you need your team to better manage the systems that have been setup, or are you looking to make staff of the entire company more technology and security aware? Engage us to provide training in the areas in which we specialize. Some of these trainings are delivered through simulations so it is clear what the training needs of each individual are.